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Rotary tables
Rotary spindles

for EDM, HSC
and laser machines


In combination with our rotary indexing tables profiles can be made with wire and sinking EDM processes, which are far beyond the capabilities of turning, grinding or milling.

For example with erosive grinding we are able to realize structures for microtechnique, which seemed to be completely unimaginable even a short time ago.

With our technologies our customers provide fuel injectors with bores of 0,06–0,08mm diameter – this is the size of a human hair. And it doesn’t matter from how many different angles the bores must be manufactured.

These are only two examples for a multitude of nearly unlimited possibilities, which we opened with our new and further developments, through design, with initial and small batch series, test runs and prototypes.

In our high-precision rotary indexing tables are bound decades of experience and the know-how of the special requirements in EDM, HSC and laser technology.

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